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gossip n. 流言,闲话;爱拨弄是非的人;闲谈,聊天

it's a common gossip that they're having an affair. 大家都说他们之间关系暧昧。

she had a good gossip with a neighbor over the garden fence.她隔着花园篱笆和邻居聊了很久。

you're nothing but an old gossip! 你这个专门搬弄是非的老家伙!

gossip vi. 传播流言,说长道短

she can spend a whole day gossiping with her neighbors. 她能一整天都跟邻居们说长道短。

gossipy adj. 喋喋不休的,爱拨弄是非的

i am not gossipy. 我才不会长舌呢!

have much idea about... 对……了解多,懂得多

i think i've had much idea about you. 我觉得我对你已经了解得差不多了。

i don't have much idea about that man. 我对那个男人了解不多。

you don't have much idea about my relationship with my ex.对于我和我前任的关系,你并不太了解。

this is not what you're thinking about; you don't have much idea about mycurrent situation. 事情并不像你想像的那样,你并不了解我的现状。

i have much idea about who i am. 我很清楚自己的谁。(我很了解自己)


tell me the current rate for rmb, please.


what's your selling rate for rmb yuan in notes today?


what's the dollar going for today?


our buying rate for notes is 523 yuan for 100 dollars.


it's 200 french francs at today's selling rate.


the buying rate of u.s. dollar notes is 460 yuan per hundred dollars.


useful phrases

buying rate 买进价格

selling rate 卖出价格

and how much will it be in japanese currency?


how much would i get for 300 japanese yen?


i'd like to know the exchange rate for german marks.


what rate are you giving?


what's the exchange rate today?


please tell me what you would give me for my u.s. dollars.


please tell me the current rate for sterling.


if you'll wait a moment, i'll find out the rates of exchange.


please wait a moment. i'll find out the exchange rate between u.s. dollars and rmb.


it's 470 yuan for 100 dollars.


the exchange rate today is 200 yen to the pound.


the rate for traveler's cheques is 300 yuan against 100 dollars.


these dollars are worth 1,000 yuan.


useful phrases

exchange table, conversion table 汇兑换算表

foreign exchange 外汇

exchange rate 外汇率

conversion rate 折合率

foreign exchange restriction 外汇限额

foreign exchange quotations 外汇行情

to check the rate for sb. 查牌价


1\adifferentkindofaudience不同的听众 a different kind of audience al smith was governor of new york state. he was a fa mous man. he was born very poor on the east side of new york city. he had little education. he worked very hard and won great success. one day, as governor, he was visiting the state prison at sing sing. sing sing is one of the largest prisons in the united states. the head of the prison asked mr. smith to say some thing to the prisoners. mr. smith had never spoken to thiskind of audience before.he did not know how to begin. finally, he said,“my fellow citizens….” then he re mem bered that when a man goes to prison he is no longer a cit izen. he began again.“my fellow prisoners….” that did not sound right, so he said:“well, anyway, i‘m glad to see somany of you here today.” 不同的听众 阿尔·史密斯是纽约州的州长。他是个名人。他出生在 纽约市东部的一个穷苦家庭。他读书不多,但是他工作勤奋, 终于获得了很大的成就。 有一天,作为州长,他访问星星州立监狱。星星监狱是全美国最大的监狱之一。监狱长请史密斯对囚犯们说几句话。史密斯先生以前从来没有对这一类听众讲过话。他不知道该怎样开口。 最后,他说:“我亲爱的公民们……”接着他想起一个人蹲进监狱就不再是公民了。他重新开始:“我亲爱的囚犯们……”那听起来也不对劲儿,于是他说:“噢,无论如何,今天在这儿见到你们这么多人,真是太高兴了。” 2一位值得纪念的希腊人 a greek to remember 一位值得纪念的希腊人 diogenes was a famous greek philosopher of the fourth century b.c.,who established the philosophy of cynicism.he often walked about in the daytime holding a lighted lantern,peering around as if he were looking for something.when auestioned about his odd behavior,he would reply,"i am searching for an honest man." diogenes held that the good man was self-sufficient and did not require material comforts or wealth.he believed that wealth and possessions constrained humanity‘s natural state of freedom.in keeping with his philosophy,he was perefectly satisfied with ma-ki-ng his home in a large tub discarded from the temple of cybele,the goddeof nature. this earthen tub,called a pithos,and formerly been used for holding wine or oil for the sacrifices at the temple. one day,alexander the great ,conqueror of half the civilized world,saw diogenes sitting in this tub in the sunshine .so the king,surrounded by his countries,approached diogenes and said,"i am alexander the great."the philosopher replied rather contemptuously,"i am diogenes,the cynic."alexander then asked him if he could help him in any way." yes,"shot back diogenes,"don‘t stand between me and the sun."a surprised alexander then replied quickly,"if i were not alexander,i would be diogenes." 提奥奇尼斯是公元前四世纪一位著名的希腊哲学家,就是他创立了犬儒派哲学。他经常在白天点着灯笼四处走动、张望,像是在找什 么东西似的。哪人们问起他这古怪行为时,他会回答说:“我正在寻找正人君子。” 提奥奇尼斯认为好人是自给自足的,不需要物质享受和财富。他认为财富、财产束缚了人们天生的自由状态。与他的哲学相一致,他 拿一个从别人从自然之母的庙里丢弃的大坛作为自己的家,还对此万分满意。这个陶制的大坛叫做圣坛,过去在庙里是用来盛装祭祀 用的酒和油的。 一天,征服了半个文明世界的亚历山大大帝看见提奥奇尼斯坐在大坛里晒太阳。于是这位君主在大臣们的簇拥下走过去,对提奥奇尼 斯说:“我是亚历山大大帝。”哲学家相当傲慢地回答说:“我是提奥奇尼斯————犬儒学者。”然后亚历山大问他是否需要任何帮助。“ 是的”,提奥奇尼斯驳回道,“别站在我和太阳之间。”大吃一惊的亚历大继而迅速回答道:“假如我不是亚历山大,我就会是提奥奇斯。” 3\thegrandtour教育旅行 the grand tour samuel.boyce quoth his heir to sir john “i‘d to travel begone, like others, the world for to see.” quoth sir john to his heir, “prithee, novice,forbear, for i‘d not have the world to see thee.” 教育旅行 塞缪尔·玻伊斯 约翰爵士的继承人对他说 “我想要出去旅行, 像别人一样,为了看世界。” 约翰爵士对他的继承人说, “请你,初学者,且忍耐, 因为我不愿意让世界看你。”


i have a confession. 我要坦白。

i have something to confess.我有事要坦白。

i need to tell you something. 我有事必须告诉你。

i have a confession to make. 我要坦白。

i'll fill you in. 我要把一切都告诉你。

i'll tell you all about it. 我要告诉你一切。

i'll level with you. 我就直说吧。

i'll tell you frankly. 我坦白告诉你。

i'll be frank with you. 我会对你坦白的。

i'll be open and sincere with you. 我会对你开诚布公的。

i'll tell you the truth. 我告诉你真相。